This has been my best baby item purchase thus far! The best part about the "moby wrap" is that it can literally be used to carry Johanna anywhere and everywhere! I've used it for walks, doing skin to skin, nursing, cooking and simply to just soothe her. Now, it is a bit on the expensive side but trust me it is worth every penny spent! The item comes with instructions on how to use it but I'll post some videos here where you can learn the best ways to carry your baby. Johanna liked the newborn hug while we were in the house but she likes the toddler carry when we are on walks. It seems hard at first but after a few tries, it is really easy! Putting her in this wrap makes her feel close to me and makes me feel close to her. The newborn hug works great when doing skin to skin or nursing. Most of the time she falls right to sleep so it's super convenient when soothing her. I've used it to take her on a plane ride, walking on the beach, taking the dog on walks, etc. Literally, anywhere and everywhere. I also remember using it in the middle of the night just to get her to sleep. I put it on, walked around the house for a few minutes and she was out like a light. Getting her out of the wrap and into her bassinet was easier than it seems! I'll be using the "moby wrap" for many years! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as Johanna and I have! You can purchase it from amazon, target or buy buy baby. Check out the videos below. Enjoy!