SAFETY EDGE AND CORNER PROTECTORS Recently, Johanna has learned how to stand up on her own. This means standing up on the furniture including furniture that has sharp edges. I ordered these edge and corner protectors from Amazon and they were surprisingly easy to put on. The corners come already made with the adhesive so all you have to do is stick them on. You then measure the material for the rest of the edges, cut it, stick the adhesive on and stick it to the furniture. Then you're done! I only had to order 1 set for the fireplace and the toy box.

EVENFLO VERSATILE PLAYSPACE ​This gate can be used in several different ways. First off, I chose this gate because it was the easiest method of keeping Johanna away from the stairs. I feel like my house is a danger zone for babies. I have a lot of stairs and a lot of gaps in my stairs. This seemed to be the best option for now. The gate can be used to close off a large room, make a large play space for baby indoors and has stakes to make a play space for baby outside. The stakes are built into the gate and can be used to keep it sturdy while playing in the grass. The gate is light weight and super easy to fold up. When we leave the house or when we are not playing in the living room we can simply fold it up and get it out of the way. This way it doesn't prevent Cookie from having her space!

OUTLET COVERS I have to admit, I honestly didn't think I would need to use the outlet covers. I'm not sure why I thought I wouldn't but about a week ago Johanna reached for the outlet and I freaked out, of course! I just thought about her little fingers going right into the socket! So, I immediately put those outlet covers in. Luckily, I already had them from a safety kit I got from my baby shower.