HATCH BABY REST Sound-machine and night light. This is great for playing white noise while baby sleeps during naps or at night. There is also a night light option. There are 11 different sound options and 9 different color options. The best part about this sound machine is that you can control it from your smart phone. No need to interrupt your baby!

ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER ​This essential oil diffuser is perfect for helping baby relax when it is time to sleep. I like to turn it on about 10 minutes before sleep time so that the aroma has time to fill the room. This particular Radha Beauty diffuser turns off automatically when the water has been used. It also has 7 different light options or you can leave the light off. It is small enough to hide away but works for several hours and leaves a lingering aroma.

ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils are plant based, natural oils that can help in a variety of ways. They can be used to create a relaxing or energizing environment, helps when you are sick, help with milk production or help baby's sleep. The three seen in the above image (calming sleep, cedarwood and relax) are best to use for sleeping baby's. Mixing the three together creates a wonderful aroma for the room.

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