So, we have started the good ole’ teething phase. Now I think to myself, “Oh! Maybe that’s why she has been fussy and neglecting her naps lately?” Of course, I have been checking her gums and this week I noticed the red marks which signifies teething. I have tons of the teething rings and gel teethers but this munch mitt works great for Johanna! Since she loves her hands and loves them in her mouth I thought, “hey, why not try this!” She can satisfy her need to have her hands in her mouth while soothing her gums at the same time. As soon as I put the mitt on her, she was in heaven. The best thing about this product is that I know it’s safe for her. I can put it on without monitoring her at all times. It’s self-managing so it’s super convenient.  It’s soft so it won’t hurt her mouth in any way. It’s also light in weight so it’s not weighing her hands down. She doesn’t seem to mind it being on her hand’s at all which is something I was worried about. Another great thing about this product is that it is made with food grade silicone, BPA and is phthalate free. Meaning, it’s completely safe for it to be in her mouth! Lastly, it is water resistant. Johanna has been drooling A LOT! This mitt doesn’t absorb her drool so it doesn’t get soaking wet and nasty. If you have a teething baby, this product is a must have! ​