Everyone likes to swaddle their cute little babies, right? Well this woombie sleep sack takes the role of a swaddle blanket. I use the woombie every night with Johanna and she sleeps so peacefully. The woombie is exactly what it's name suggests. The ergonomic sack squeezes baby as if they were still in the womb. The easiest part is that you just zip it up and you don't have to wrap the swaddle. Research shows that the woombie sleep sack is easy to use, safe and effective. They can't unwrap themselves and get the woombie over their faces like they could a swaddle blanket (which has happened with us in the past). Another great thing about the woombie sleep sack is that it promotes back sleeping which is what the pediatricians recommend now. It also helps relieve colic symptoms. It has a tapered waist so you don't have to worry about hip problems in the future by swaddling too tight. Johanna really likes her hands close to her face and she is able to bring her hands up with no problems and still feel comfort. The main reason for swaddling is to prevent those baby twitches that wake them up. The woombie sleep sack definitely prevents those twitches and allows them to feel safe and comfortable!