babes and sensitive skin

We all know that a baby's skin can be particularly delicate and sensitive especially right after they are born. Taking care of a baby's skin is probably one of the last things on your mind but for me it was always a thought during my pregnancy. I personally have very sensitive skin and even suffered from some pretty severe acne from elementary school all the way to high school. It finally took accutane to rid me of the painful acne experience I had. We won't go into any detail about what accutane is but let's just say it's not prescribed to just anyone. Even today I try to protect my skin as much as possible from the sun and fragrance soaps. Even some foods make my skin irritated. Literally, the only products I use on my face are Aveeno products. I've been using Aveeno since high school and it has been so beneficial for me.

I'm hoping that Johanna doesn't take after me when it comes to her skin but from the looks of it she just might. She was born with a newborn rash and stork bites on her face so as you can imagine I figured she will definitely have my sensitive skin. Maybe she will grow out of it, fingers crossed.

Johanna is pretty fair skinned to begin with but her skin is often red especially after her bath or outside in the cold. She was really red when she was born and finally got her color at about 2 months old. I remembered when she started peeling like a snake and I was freaked out. I know it's a normal process but really? A baby's skin falling off is just weird to think about. At least for me it is. I also remember giving her her first bath in the big tub and her skin turned blotchy and bright red. For the life of me I thought the water was too hot and I burned her. It turns out her skin is just delicate and I can't use perfumed washes like Johnsons and even Honest. For that, we turn to Aveeno for her as well. My favorite!

So, one of the good things about babies is that they just naturally smell good. The American Pediatric Association advises against using scented products on new babies and even advises against bubble baths until the age of 1. Exposure to scented or harsh products could possibly lead to things like eczema or skin irritation (that was the case for Johanna).

The American Pediatric Association gives some tips for your babe and their delicate skin. They recommend that you use less soap, bathe them 2 to 3 times a week only, use washes with natural ingredients, do not use antibacterial soap, and of course avoid fragrances. I was kind of a bit too much with the bathing thing in the beginning (can you imagine?!). I was giving Johanna a washing every other day until I realized I was drying out her skin. So instead I used the Aveeno face and wipes for newborns to give her a clean up and only bathed her twice a week. It was much better on her skin.

The moral of the story is that there are some alternatives for your babes skin and don't freak out if they are a little red or rashy. They can even have a little bit of baby acne and it's perfectly normal. In fact, Johanna has a little pimple for about 2 weeks when she 3 months old. Hmmm, like mother like daughter I guess. Do you Mama's have an product recommendations for babes with sensitive skin besides Aveeno?! Aveeno seems to be the answer for our household but I'd love to hear about others!