baby proofing

I honestly thought I was going to be the Mama who had the entire house baby proofed before Johanna could even roll over. I sounded like a broken record with the amount of safety protocols I was thinking about using. Welp! I literally just finished baby proofing and I definitely didn't use any protocols and Johanna is just fine!

I'm pretty much always on the floor with her or she's nearby so I wasn't really rushing on the safety things. Maybe I was also in a bit a denial that time just seems to be passing me by. Once she started to pull herself up on things I knew it was time to baby proof. I know there will be bumps on the head but I'd like to prevent the ones I can, at least for now.

The tricky part is that my house is literally a danger zone for babies and small children. Anyone who's super keen on safety and walked in my house with their children would likely turn around and walk out. The number one worry of mine is my stairs! I have 6 flights of stairs in total, 3 of which have gaps between them. The gaps are large enough for a baby to slip right through so you can imagine my worry. However, I've fixed that issue for now by putting a long gate between the living room and the hallway where the “stair danger zone” is. Confining Johanna to the living room where she can crawl around and play just seems more realistic that buying 50 gates and still being worried that she'll get into something she shouldn't.

The other safety measures I decided were on my priority list were covering up sharp edges around the living room and plugging up the outlets. Obviously, anyone would make these a priority when your baby likes to stand on everything! I ordered some edge protectors from Amazon which you can find on the page titled “Johanna's favorite items.” These protectors were fairly priced and so easy to use. I've placed them on the edges of the fireplace and the edges of her toy box. She likes to pull herself up on both and even finds it fun to chew on the edge protectors. Yay for protecting her head and her teeth!

The outlet covers are an obvious thing to use in all the rooms. The exposed outlets have plugs in them because Johanna has such tiny fingers. She's also really clever and knows exactly what she shouldn't be touching. She will literally stare at me as she touches something she shouldn't. I like to laugh and think oh how cute but the inner me is thinking oh how dangerous you clever little chick. In fact, I'm training myself not to gasp or shout out loud anytime she stumbles, falls or gets herself into a predicament. I'd have to say I'm doing a pretty good job so far.

The older she gets, the more curious she gets. I'm sure you seasoned Mama's know this happens. I was told by someone to get on the floor at her level and look for any danger zones. I did that and to my surprise the section I've blocked off for her to be in isn't too bad. Another good thing is that my couch cushions are super soft. For some odd reason she likes to crawl with her head down until she hits the couch with it. I guess we'll have to let her future swimming coach know about that one!

I guess for now I'll follow-up with safety stuff on an as needed basis. I'm already racking my brain trying to figure out how I'll get stuff done when she starts walking. Do any of you safety specialist Mama's have any advice on this?!

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