feeling that Mom guilt?

Hey Mama's! Becoming a Mama really changes a lot of things in our life! It takes away those days where we could sleep in and strips us of those times where we could do whatever we wanted at any given time. But one of the hardest parts is that it makes us feel guilty and sometimes for reasons that are unexplained! I want to share with you something that I've recently made a part of my everyday life. 

Ruth Schwenk writes 100 devotionals in "The Better Mom Devotional." The point is to "find freedom from Mom guilt, the myth of perfection, and endless to-do lists." Remembering that God is always there and that he is using Motherhood to shape your heart as you shape your home really helps to strip you of your Mom guilt and trust your blessings rather than feel anxious.

After each devotional, there are questions to respond to asking how you can use God to change your thoughts, shape your home and become the Mother you want to be inside and out. 

Whether it is this exact devotional, another devotional or simply writing down your worries along with your blessings, it's a great way to get your unexplained guilt out! I got my devotional from Barnes and Noble but you can also purchase it from amazon.

Ruth Schwenk's Better Mom Devotional

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