diy bathroom shelves

I have finally gotten around to blogging about my diy project. I wanted shelves in my bathroom for the longest time but never got around to it. All of the shelves I was looking at were just way too expensive so I decided to do a quick diy project that only cost me 20 bucks. Ummmm, yes! Here's what I did!

Gather your supplies....


-sand paper

-paint brush


-shelf brackets




-measuring tape


1. You'll need wood! I measured my bathroom space and decided I wanted 2 shelves. I could have fit 3 but I think 2 does the trick and gives me what I'm looking for. Really, you can pick any kind of wood you want but I liked the flat, wide wood. I purchased poplar wood from Home Depot. The easiest thing to do was buy 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. I only needed one board because I measured my shelves to be 2 ft long. I had a friend cut the wood for me in 2, 2 ft. pieces.

2. Next, you'll need sand paper to smooth out your pieces of wood and get them ready to be stained. Make sure you sand your edges and get them nice and round. It doesn't take too much effort. This was one of the easiest steps. By the way, you should probably wear gloves during the sanding and staining!

3. Next, it's time to stain your wood. I chose the varathane classic penetrating special walnut. The stain color will depend on how dark or light you want your shelves to be. You can chose to put as many coats on it as you want but remember the more you put on the darker your shelves. Let the stain dry for a few hours.

4. Next, you'll be ready to hang your brackets. I chose white brackets from Home Depot and they came with the screws. You'll definitely want to measure before you start screwing holes in the wall. For me, this was the hardest part. I'm not exactly handy with the drill but it worked out. Measure your brackets evenly apart. If you're choosing to hang more than 1 shelf, you'll want to make sure you have enough room between brackets so that you can hang your shelves and put your decor on top of them with no issues. Mark your holes with pencil and begin drilling. There is an excellent youtube tutorial on how to drill holes in the wall. If you're like me you'll need it!

5. Once you have your brackets in the wall place your shelves on top! Use a level to make sure your shelves are even and straight! Now you're ready to decorate!

Here are my before and after pictures! I had to take the towel rack off. I made sure I hung one of the shelves to cover the damage from the towel rack. I probably should have fixed it first but hey I did the best I could and you can't even tell! I even stained the handle on my toilet paper basket to match the shelves. Heck yes! All of my decor was purchased from bed bath and beyond. This was a fun project! I hope you have fun with it too! I absolutely love my shelves and I'm so glad I decided to diy!