Happy 6 months Johanna Rose!

Johanna is 6 months old today. That means for half of a year I’ve been able to watch this baby transform and learn something new everyday. People told me that time would fly but I never realized it would go by this quickly. So much has changed in my life in the past 6 months, it is truly unbelievable. Sometimes I still dont think it's real. This last 6 months has been wonderful with both it's up and downs. Motherhood can be hard but it is so rewarding. I literally grew this human being in my body and for the past 6 months I have been nurturing this human being from my body. The feeling can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Every moment brings so much joy, even the not so great moments. From day to day, then week to week and now month to month I have watched Johanna go from a “tube” to a functioning “baby” learning and developing. It amazes me that she once just ate, slept and pooped (literally). Today, I reflected on the past 6 months and looked at all of her pictures and videos from the day she was born until now. I have a week left to enjoy being with her 24 hours a day until I go back to work full time. While I am so grateful that I got to spend 6 months at home with her, I wish I could stay with her longer. Cutting the cord will be tough. Johanna is such a happy girl. At 6 months she has a bright, eager, sassy personality. She chit chats a lot and mostly when she should be quiet (like at church and my brother's soccer banquet). She loves to observe everything in her view from pets, to other kids to objects to food. She has started eating carrots and she loves them! She has skipped past learning how to roll over all the way and went straight to sitting up! In fact, she's not fond of just laying there. She likes to be up and about and observing. She loves being read to, baths, milk, and her Mama! I think it's safe to say she is 100% a Mama's girl and I am absolutely okay with that! She still loves her hands which she has since she was in utero. In all of the sonogram pictures she has her hands by her face. She still sleeps with her hands close to her ears or by her mouth. Johanna has started daycare and I am slowly getting used to not being with her every waking moment of the day. Everyone who meets her adores her! She is great with other people but it's best if I am out of sight! I can't wait for what the future has in store for us. Watching her grow and learn is literally one of the best things to do! I never imagined that I would be a single Mama but these past 6 months have taught me so much about myself and have been a true testament to how strong I am as an individual. Of course I have a great support system and without them I wouldn't be as strong as I am. And of course my amazing pitbul, Cookie who has been there with me through this entire journey. Being Johanna's Mom and having her all to myself has been such a blessing and I wouldn't trade it for anything. She will forever be my always! Happy 6 months Johanna Rose!

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