Holiday hangover

Anyone else feeling this holiday hangover? Funny thing is, the holidays aren't even over yet! This was by far the best Christmas ever! Seeing Johanna’s excitement over things she still doesn't quite understand was worth every minute of sleep I didn't get! Not to mention I still have to work! There were tons of outfit changes, lots of cooking and baking and barely any meltdowns! We made it to see all the friends and family who wanted to be a part of her first Christmas and although I'm definitely feeling it now, it was worth it! I love the fact that so many people love her so much and wanted to spoil her with gifts and love. Of course we absolutely made time for church so we could celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. I'm so behind in house chores and personal things. I didn't even get to send out our Christmas cards yet (don't worry I'm still going to send them). Better late than never right? The important thing to me was that we got to spend quality time with our friends and family. Cookie enjoyed herself as usual. It's truly amazing to me how she can open a Christmas gift without swallowing one piece of paper. She enjoys herself every year! This year she thought all of Johanna’s gifts were hers! She tried to open her gifts then run off with her toys. It was super annoying but such a good time! Our routine and naptime didn't get too destroyed but I fully prepared myself for Johanna missing full naps and that was okay with me! Let's just say come bedtime she was out like light! She literally had 4 days of gift opening. Naturally, she preferred the paper and boxes over the toy but now that those are gone she is in love with all the gifts she got! Cookie is too! Surprisingly, Cookie has been good about not taking over all of Johanna’s toys. I can't believe it will be a new year in just under a week? Anyone have any New Year resolutions they really want to stick to?!

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