if I can do it, you can do it!

Now that January is over, I feel like it is an appropriate time to tell you guys how tired I am. I didn't tell you in January for fear that I may actually not make it through the month. My life is somewhat normal again and I can now vent about how rough January actually was! Does anyone else feel like January could have possibly been 62 days instead of 31?!

The reason I am overly exhausted is for 2 reasons. Work and my pure stubbornness. Due to the fact that I'm still in training my schedule changes from day shift to night shift every month. I love my job, so it's something I'm willing to do while still in training but boy am I tired!

I'll give you a run down on me and Johanna's schedule from Wednesday to Saturday. First, let me say that it would be absolutely impossible to do this without the help of her amazing Grandparents and my fantastic friend Brittany.

1:45pm - leave the house to take Johanna 20 minutes North to Brittany's house 3:30pm - be at work 40 minutes South of Brittany's house 5pm - Johanna gets picked up by her Grandpa or Grandma from Brittany's house 2am - leave work and drive 20 minutes North to take care of Cookie 3am - leave my house and drive 20 minutes North to Grandma and Grandpa's house 3:30am - Johanna wakes up! (Yes, you are reading this correctly. As soon as I get to my Dad's she wakes up. More on this later.) 4am - Johanna may or may not go back to sleep 5:30am - I may or may not have had to drive 20 minutes South to go home 6am - I go to sleep 9am - Johanna and I wake up

After you read that, I hope you realize that if I can do this you can do this too! And when I say this I mean be a full time working Mama! While I'm okay with lack of sleep most of the time, I do believe by the end of the month I hit sleep deprivation. There were some drives where I was so delusional I completely forgot where I was going. Dangerous to say the least.

More detail on that schedule. Some days, I would drop Johanna off at her Grandma's job which is 10 minutes from work. Thank God for her and her job! Some days I would drop her off with Brittany which was absolutely amazing of her. She got to play with Brittany's kids and most importantly, I knew she was in excellent hands! Some days when I would get to my Dad's house, Johanna would sleep a bit longer but other day’s she wouldn't go back to sleep at all. For fear of waking my parents up (they needed their sleep as well) and the fact that maybe Johanna was just very confused, I would take her home. Don't worry! If I was way too tired, I wouldn't make the drive. Every time she woke up at Dad's, I would put her in the bed with me creating a terrible habit. But listen, you have to do what you have to do! On the weekends, her amazing Grandparents would come get her from me when she woke up at about 9am so that I could get a few more hours of sleep.

(Insert my stubbornness here). When I am not working, I want to be with Johanna. No matter what! Her and I go everywhere together and I am used to that now. So when I'm not working, I feel like I NEED to be with her. Maybe that's not the healthiest mentality to have and I'm sure it creates separation anxiety for myself but she is my main priority. Not to mention, she is pretty awesome to hang out with. So, even if that means losing an hour or multiple hours of sleep, I want to be with her. I will say one day her Grand Mom came over and hung out with her for a few hours because I literally couldn't function.

I am now back on my day shifts and Johanna has started back at daycare (a blog of it's own coming soon). So for the month of February my goal is to be a normally functioning human being without the help of copious amounts of coffee. Let's hear it for sleep!

Needless to say I am one tired Mama! The whole point of this rant was to empower you readers to let you know that you can literally do anything you put your mind and willpower to! There is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for Johanna and I'm positive there is nothing you won't do for your babies. One day they will see how hard we work for them. One day they will realize that we are their role models and the ones they look up to. I want to be Johanna's example of a hard working Mama that does whatever she needs to do to make life happy! Let's hear some of your stories about things you've done for your babies that you didn't think you'd survive!

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