Johanna's first Easter

How was your Easter weekend?! Mine actually just ended yesterday! Amazingly, I was off for 4 days and got to spend some real quality time with Johanna!

This holiday weekend I realized just how observant Johanna is and how things have changed dramatically. She is catching on to everything and noticing what's going on around her. What age did your baby begin to repeat things, or notice things you didn't want them to quite yet? I'm not really sure, but I swear Johanna is repeating the “s” word….

I guess it started when I took her to see the Easter bunny. The difference between her nonchalant reaction to seeing Santa Claus and her “ummmm who is that?” reaction to seeing the Easter bunny were so noticeable, it was quite amusing. With Santa, I just put her on his lap, took some pics and walked away. The Easter bunny was a whole different story. I even lowered my morals and made myself look like a real “outgoing” Mom in the middle of the entire mall. I'm not really sure what the Easter bunny was thinking under that big head but with 100% certainty on my part, he was laughing at me.

Johanna and I stood in line for a few minutes. When we got around the corner she saw the big ol’ bunny and I felt her cling onto me like glue. I thought, this is going to go great! Then I thought, what am I doing to my poor baby?! Mama mode kicked in and I began talking to the Easter bunny like a little baby. By the way, he never responded. If I remember correctly, I even stroked his ears a bit to show Johanna that he's harmless. At least, I think it was a he. Who actually knows who was under that suit? After about 10 minutes of introducing Johanna to the “baby Easter bunny” I felt comfortable enough to let him hold her. I'm so very glad there was no one in line. To be sure I'd have some Mama's really upset at me. I was really hesitant to walk away from Johanna but after I saw her staring him down I knew she could stick up for herself. I think she may have rolled her eyes a few times, looked at me and gave a huge smile with her fist in the air. It almost seemed like she was thinking, “I'll get you later, Mama!”

Johanna also notices things like when I am about to make a bottle, when I'm taking her up to her room for bedtime, and words like bath, book, or toys. She extremely observant of Cookies (our dog) behavior and could probably watch her all day long. She has started yelling at Cookie when she barks. It's really funny but I guess I shoud stop doing that. She's only repeating me but it's awesome to think she now knows that when Cookie barks too much Mama yells a bit. Oops! I'm also curious as to whether Johanna is beginning to understand the times of the day. Almost as if her circadian rhythm is becoming a “thing.” She understands when it's time to eat, when it's time to go bed and is starting to get into an actual routine. She goes to bed at the same time and wakes up at the same time. Yes! She is finally sleeping through the night! Either way, it's amazing to see how much she's transformed from a clueless baby to an observant almost one year old. It's actually fascinating to say the least. Likely, because of my science background I think about how quickly her brain has developed.

Another thing I've noticed over the last year is that she's a lot more observant at church. Now I know she has no idea what the priest is talking about but she knows what's going on around her. She likes to stare at the people behind us and talk to any of the little kids she sees. I knew one day she'd be trying to mimic their behavior and the dreaded day came on Easter Sunday. For the life of me, I couldn't get the girl to stop touching the hymnals. I always thought “oh no, that will not be my Johanna.” I guess God has other plans! Probably one of the cutest things she does is sing at church. My Aunt actually pointed out her singing a few months ago. The problem was that she wasn't exactly singing when everyone else was. However, now she knows exactly when we sing and she is not shy about it. I'm assuming she will want to be a member of the choir which is perfectly fine. I mean she really gets into it. She will wave her hands in the air and even lift them up at certain parts of the homily. I'm sure that she is just repeating behavior that she sees other people do but if she keeps this up who knows what she'll be doing next year. It's the cutest thing. It's a shame I can't use my phone at church otherwise I'd upload a video!

I'm so very proud of her and she's not even a year yet! From a baby who the doctor's wondered if she would have something neurologically wrong with her to an almost 1 year old who is singing at church and rolling her eyes at the Easter bunny, it's a heart melting feeling.

Let's hear all about your Easter weekend and how you feel about these baby's growing up so quickly!

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