Johanna turns "1"

What an amazing weekend and so much to celebrate! Johanna turned one on Saturday and Sunday was Mother's Day! I am so overwhelmed with emotion about my baby girl turning one and being able to celebrate this first year so close to Mother’s Day was amazing! When they say the days are long but the months are short, they aren't joking. Who ever they are!

To honor this weekend, of course we did a photo shoot! I wanted something super simple and the photographer was amazing at capturing these precious moments! Johanna had fun with the cake as well, I’m sure you can tell!  I was unsure of how Johanna would react to all of the picture taking but she actually had a great time with it. 

This past year has been full of ups and downs but mostly full of new Mama feels and learning the ins and outs of becoming a Mama. Obviously, the learning will continue forever. I won't act like it hasn't been hard but I hate focusing on the negatives. I like to think about all the positive things this past year has brought me. I honestly never thought that becoming a Mama would literally change me inside and out. I have made decisions for myself that I likely would not have made before Johanna. These decisions are based solely on wanting to become a better person because I know my daughter is watching me. I wake up everyday and thank God for giving me such a beautiful little girl to call my own! I go to bed at night asking him to continue blessing us and keep her happy! This girl can light up a room with her little personality and I am so honored to say that she is literally mine! I grew her in my very own body for 10 months, birthed her after 49 1/2 hours of labor, brought her home and have been loving her ever since. There's something about all of that is more meaningful than anything you could ever imagine. 

Now whether you became a Mama by birthing a child, adopting a child, using a surrogate, etc. Motherhood is Motherhood! It's amazing, it's overwhelming, it's joyous, it's tearful, it's stressful, it's guilt, it's powerful! 

My number one priority in my life right now is making sure that Johanna is happy and I couldn't have it any other way. I want to teach her that life is full of happiness. I want to make sure she knows how to love others and to be loved by others. This past year has made me realize all of that for myself as well.

Life naturally comes with stress and hard decision making. Becoming a parent doubles that stress and makes decision making that much harder. Your babies can't exactly make decisions for themselves!  Being a Mama means you're in charge of someone else. No pressure there!

Last year on Mother's Day, I brought my sweet girl home from the hospital! I did not realize at the time that being a Mama was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. Raising these tiny humans can be stressful but it is so fun! Being selfless, putting them before everything, making sure they are happy and well taken care of is motherhood.

What does motherhood mean to you guys? How did you feel on your babies 1st birthday? I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day!

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