little phases don't phase me!

Does anyone else feel like their babies go through phases that only last a week or so? The attachment phase, the crying phase, the fussy phase, the I don’t want to sleep phase and the I just want to nurse all the time phase! Well, this week it seems that Johanna has moved on to the I don’t want to sleep phase! It would be fine except for the fact that when she’s over tired she gets really fussy. It makes it very difficult for me to do things around the house, write a nice blog, etc. Now I say phase but really is this just a phase? Or will this cycle back around! After talking to a dear friend of mine with 3 kid’s of her own I decided I would start sleep training her a few days ago. Normally her bedtime has been 9:30 but we’ve changed that to 8pm. She seems to go to sleep right away but is now waking up much earlier than I would like her to. She also has neglected her morning time nap and today she neglected all of her naps all together. Hopefully, we can get this right! It seems that every week she is doing something new but is it just a phase or am I figuring out her likes, dislikes and behavior patterns. One week she is very attached to me and I think “uh oh am I holding her too much?” The next week she just wants to nurse all the time and I think “Is this a growth spurt or is she starving?!”  I love figuring this whole motherhood thing out. It is truly like one big fat science experiment! Let’s hear some of your babies phases!

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