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Today on Wellness Wednesday, I want to share my favorite meditation apps that actually work! I used to think that meditation was ridiculous but truth be told I really didn't know much about it. It wasn't until I was pregnant that I actually took the time to seek its benefits and give it a try. Now, I love it and meditate every single day! I usually do a bedtime meditation because I'm one of those people who hit the pillow and can't stop thinking about everything I have to get done! Meditation works wonders on calming my thoughts!

What is meditation?

Meditation is a technique used to practice mindfulness, focus, awareness, mental clarity and/or emotional clarity. Meditation helps to clear your mind of wondering thoughts and trains your brain to be attentive. It helps at gaining perspective on your feelings instead of judging yourself which seems to come more naturally to a lot of us. Some popular types include breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation, body scan or progressive relaxation, yoga and concentrative meditation. My suggestion to you is that if you're a beginner, use the guided meditation and practice all types until you find what works best for you!

What are the benefits of meditation?

There are so many benefits of meditation that you can achieve even if you only do 10 to 15 minutes a day. These benefits include lowered stress, better sleep, healthier relationship with yourself and those around you, reduced wondering and negative thoughts, improved focus and an understanding of yourself. In such a busy world we often frustration, brain chatter, mental pain to include anxiety, high stress levels that are so unhealthy and even sometimes have a blank mind where we can't focus on a conversation. If you are suffering from any of these things, meditation is worth a shot!

My favorite apps!

Headspace - Okay, first this app uses science to guarantee results. Statistically speaking, this particular app increases happiness by 16% in just the first 10 days of using it. I mean who doesn't want that, right? It offers so many different types of meditation but most importantly it offers guided meditation. Headspace is available online, on an app, youtube and you can start using it with a free trial. There is literally meditation for every mood including stress, sleep, anxiety, calming, depression, substance abuse, eating, cooking, running, walking, stretching, weight loss, body dysmorphia, napping, etc. Literally, everything! Lastly which is probably the best part is that John Legend is the Chief music officer. Convinced yet?

Aura - This one is for my people who are always on the go, like me! With this app, you can meditate for 3 minutes a day and recieve real results. Aura is similar to spotify where it has thousands of meditations from coaches around the world. It is mainly aimed for stress and anxiety but you can find all kinds of mood meditations! Like headspace, it is all guided by the coaches. The 3 minute meditations are free and there are so many different ones so you don't have to keep recycling through them. Otherwise, you do have to pay for it and it is $12 a month. It's worth the free trial though!

Smiling Mind - This one is absolutely FREE! It is designed by psychologists and educators. The most popular meditations on this app include stress, sleep, attention, concentration, relationships and eating. One of my favorites on this app is the body scan meditation. It's absolutely amazing! Another part of this app that is great is that there are meditations specific for youth!

Hallow - This is a Catholic meditation app that helps you find peace and growth spiritually. The Cathechism recommends meditation daily. You can choose different methods, lengths, guides and themes. There are also prayer challenges that you can complete at different lengths. This app is a great way to bring prayerful and peaceful time in your daily lives with God. There are sessions to include the Rosary, Lectio Divina and Examen. You can start today with a 14 day free trial!

Meditation is such a great way to bring peace, awareness and calmness into your daily life. Whether you practice in the morning, afternoon or before bedtime it is so worth the time! Learning is so easy with the apps I listed above. I truly do love all of them and use all of them! I hope you find a few minutes to start with one of these apps! Let me know how you like them!

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