Pack up that summer diaper bag!

I’m typing this blog for you Mama’s but also for myself. I am notoriously forgetting things at home and I must say, it’s such a pain to get Johanna back out of the car seat, up 3 flights of stairs into the house, grab what I forgot without putting her down (that will delay us another 10 minutes), disturb Cookie and make her think we’re already back, carry Johanna and the stuff I forgot back down 3 flights of stairs (honestly, she takes forever walking down the stairs), put her back in her car seat with the least drama possible and try to get to our destination without remembering what else I forgot…. Yep, that’s me! I really do try to stay as organized as possible, but I’ll be the first to admit, it’s not easy! There is always so much going on and I know we can be forgetful! Why is it always that the thing’s we need the most are the thing’s we always forget? It’s like walking into Target to get one thing and walking out with a cart full not including that one thing we went in for! Speaking of Target…. I’m guilty for not wanting to go through what I just mentioned above and ordering whatever I forgot through the Target drive up! Did you guys know about that?! It’s amazing to say the least! You order whatever you need through the app and if it is in stock, it’s usually ready quickly. Tell Target you’re on your way using the app, pull up and let them know you’re there using the app and BAM they come out with your items! That’s excellent service for a busy Mom and they get all the credit from me! Target drive up was a life saver for us during quarantine!

So here is a least of what to pack in your summer diaper bag!

  1. Sunscreen! This is an important one for us because one of my many fears is Johanna getting sunburn! I can’t imagine. So, I pack an extra one in the diaper bag in case we find ourselves outside somewhere impromptu.

  2. Sun hat! Same thing as above… No sunburn on her face or scalp either. You can find the perfect sunhat using the link tree in my bio. The ones I buy come in different colors and they are adjustable. We are using the same ones we used last year! They are amazing.

  3. Diapers and wipes obviously, or undies (whichever stage your tot is at)! The ones I always forget are the water diapers. I pack both in the summer bag because I never know when she’ll be playing in the water. My parents have a water table and baby pool at their house so when she’s there, that’s usually her go to spot. During the summer you can probably find us near any body of water.

  4. Snacks! These are super important for us because we’re always outside. The sun has a way of making you feel like you’re starving. I pack snacks for the both of us. I usually take the peanut butter energy balls, cheez its, fruit of some kind and granola bars.

  5. Water! This one is also important for us since we are outside a lot. Johanna doesn’t typically like to drink plain water, so I just add a piece of fruit (she likes lemons or watermelon). I also pack Pedialyte because she loves the stuff, it keeps her hydrated and well why not?!

  6. Extra clothes! I typically pack 2 different outfits in our diaper bag and a set of pajamas. In the summertime I never know how late we will be out or if we will be out all day. That’s why I pack the jammies. If we’re still out at 8, I’ll put her in her pajamas for the ride home. Johanna isn’t afraid of getting dirty, so I really must remember extra clothes.

  7. First-aid kit! I have a little mini kid one that doesn’t take up too much room in the diaper bag. I haven’t had to use it yet but the moment I leave it at home, I’ll need it…

  8. 2 Plastic bags! Why? Because clothes and things get dirty and I promise this will save you time. Throw in your kid’s dirty clothing and empty containers. When you get home, there’s less mess to clean up. The second one is for the trash. I don’t know about where you guys live, but here in Montgomery County, MD there are no trash cans in the main parks or by the lake/beach. It’s a “clean up after yourself” kind of place. Bringing your own trash bag makes for easy clean up and not having to carry your tot all over the place to find a trash can.

I hope this helps you! I know it helped me to just sit here and write down what I need in Johanna’s summer diaper bag. Of course, these are just the essentials and we can never forget about the copious amounts of books and toys they also need on the way out! Haha, jk! What I’ve been doing lately before I go to bed is making sure all of these items are in the bag and ready to go for the next day. It’s so much easier than scrambling around trying to remember what to put in your bag last minute or worse case driving off and remember what you left on the kitchen table! Anyway, shoot me a comment if you have extras or more ideas! I’d love to hear them all!

Always remember, you’re doing an amazing job Mama!