party, party, party

While it doesn't seem like that big of a deal and most people hate Valentine's Day, I myself have been super emotional this week. The reason is absolutely ridiculous and don't worry I'm well aware of it. The reason is because it's Johanna's first Valentine's Day and guess what, she has friends! Yes, friends! Ridiculous, I know.

Her first Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving were perfect because I was with her and she was around family and my friends that she was born having. But now, she has her own friends, kids who she has just recently met. These kids are in her daycare and from the conversations and pictures her daycare sitter sends me, she cares about these kids and they care about her too!

Sensitive Sally, right? Totally! But it's incredible to have witnessed this human being that I made develop each day and now she is learning about relationships, whether she is conscious of that or not. If you’ve read my blogs then you know how important relationships are to me and in my heart I feel like they will be important to Johanna as well. I can tell she will be compassionate in everything she does for others and that makes me overwhelmed with humbleness.

She is learning the basics of relationships like sharing, smiling at each other, silent communication (waving, clapping, blowing kisses, etc.), baby babble, learning other people's features so they are recognizable, others voices and the behaviors of other children. She is also able to remember other people and even people that she hasn't seen for a bit. It makes me wonder if she thinks about her friends when she is at home. I know what you're thinking! Who thinks of these minutiae details? I do!

I know she's only 9 months old but I literally want to see everything she does and I'm just now getting used to the fact that I can't. I can't be there while she's playing with her new friends and some days it drives me crazy! Not in a bad way, more of an excited Mama way. Like, I'm excited for her but I wish I could witness her every moment. For my seasoned Mama's, how long does that last? According to Johanna’s baby sitter, it lasts forever it just gets easier to handle. Hmmmmm.

Last night we went to our favorite place, Target of course. We went to buy her new friends Valentines Day cards and candy and I realized she will be a part of a social gathering that doesn't involve me (only my money). This will be her first party without me and well, I'm not too sure how I feel. Clearly, I have A LOT to figure out in the years to come. Seriously, we're talking about a 9 month olds Valentines Day party at daycare. Can you imagine what I'll be dealing with when she's off to her first high school or college party?! Okay, let's not talk about that yet.

Listen, there is no handbook to this parent thing. Let's be real. If there was, I wouldn't have read it anyway. Pssh. I just feel like there is no right or wrong way to feel and there is no predicting how you'll feel in any certain situation. Especially when it comes to your babies. Something so stupid as a daycare Valentine's Day party could make you super emotional like me! Anyone else know where I'm coming from?!

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