protect that sensitive baby skin from the sun!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

I love to be outside during the summer at all times possible! As you know I am an outdoors girl. I love being at the pool, hiking, on the boat, at the beach, etc. I’m so glad that Johanna’s shares the love of the outdoors with me! Protecting my skin and Johanna's skin is extremely important to me. This is why we use Aveeno sunscreen. Not only does it provide 24 hour care to protect me from the sun but it also locks in moisture. My favorite thing about this product is that it is light weight and oil-free. It's made with antioxidant oat so it won't clog your pores or leave your face feeling like there is something on it. It's actually extremely refreshing. I use it in the summer every morning after washing my face as a moisturizer in place of my regular Aveeno face moisturizer.

I also use the positively mineral sunscreen for the face throughout the day. My skin is extremely sensitive especially to lotions with fragrances. The mineral sunscreen is fragrance free and made with naturally sourced zinc-oxide, nourishing oat and Vitamin E. I love that I can protect my skin from the sun while protecting it's sensitivity at the same time.

Because Johanna's skin is also very delicate and sensitive, I want to make sure she is also protected at all times! For her, I use the Aveeno baby continuous protection sunscreen for sensitive skin. My favorite thing is that this sunscreen is tear free! Yes! Tear free! My second favorite thing is that it's paraben free, phthalate free and fragrance free! It's sourced with oat and natural zinc oxide. This sunscreen is water resistant so we reapply after 80 minutes. It's actually awesome because you can see it working while you're in the water. The water literally slides right off her skin due to the sunscreens water resistance. Best of all, she's protected and her skin won't burn!

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