reverse cycling at 4 months

What is reverse cycling? Simply put…. Your baby enters the sleep regression phase and wakes up in the middle of the night between sleep cycles. They cry a bit and you think, “oh they must be hungry” so you feed them. Then baby starts waking up every few hours in the night and you feed them back to sleep. The truth is they probably aren’t hungry if they are eating normally during the day. They are probably just having a tough time putting themselves back to sleep between sleep cycles. Here’s the thing. Adult’s wake up throughout the night between sleep cycles but we are trained to put ourselves back to sleep without even realizing it. Baby’s need to be taught how to do this. So they wake up every three hours, you feed them back to sleep every time and then reverse cycling begins. Because they have eaten every three hours throughout the night, they don’t need to eat much during the day. They just aren’t that hungry. They begin having more feedings at night (more than usual) and less feedings during the day (less than usual). So you are reverse cycling. Let me say that I am not an expert and I am not certified in any of this. I simply am a new Mama completing trial and error and tons of research so that I can get to know my beautiful baby as best as I can! So here’s the thing, how do we go back to our normal routine once we have hit the reverse cycling phase?! From research I have done and I mean a lot of research (mostly when I should be sleeping) I have found that you simply just need to stop feeding them every time they wake up in the night. They may want to just be rocked back to sleep or even just need their pacifiers put back in their mouths. When Johanna wakes up in the night, which she has been doing for the past week, I nurse her! This is not a normal behavior for her so I realize I have started reverse cycling. Last night, she woke up every 3 hours. Instead of feeding her back to sleep, I replaced her pacifier, stroked her face a bit and even rocked her some. I plan on feeding her more throughout the day for the next few days so I know for sure she is less hungry at night. She was able to go back to sleep without nursing. I am pretty good at reading her hunger cues and I can assure you she was not hungry! These baby’s can be tricky! After talking to a friend of mine the other day, we came to the conclusion that we are literally getting to know this human being and once we think we have them figured out everything changes! It just takes a little bit of research and a lot of patience to get these little ones on a steady routine! Have you guys ever experienced reverse cycling? How did you get your baby back to their “normal” routine after this?