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Hey Mama’s! We haven’t gone anywhere at all, we’ve just been extremely busy. Because of our business, I figured I’d write a blog about changes in routines and how to get back on those routines. I know it’s summer time and that means huge routine changes for lot’s of us! Over the past two weeks, we’ve had a lot of disruptions to our routine (I’m not complaining at all) but this week we’ve been working on getting back on track and let me tell you, the struggle is real.

First off, how do you guys prepare for changes in the schedule when you know it is going to happen? I knew that we would be at my Aunt’s house for 4 days and quite honestly, I had no idea how to “prepare” for the changes but I knew they would happen and I just let them. I thought “we will figure it out next week, let’s just have a good time.” And that we did! Actually, now that I think about it maybe we did prepare….

Johanna got pink eye in both eyes and I got an ear infection almost a week before our trip. Because of that, I kind of let our schedule go. I am seriously paying for that now. We had doctor’s visits, medication applications in the middle of the night, lots of co-sleeping, cancellations for work and daycare, early pick up times, less play time, etc, etc. I always plan things in my mind and have this picture perfect setting of what will occur and it never happens that way. I’m sure you guys can relate. You literally never ever know what the day will bring and how can anyone prepare for that?!

I think about mid-way through the week, I stopped trying with the whole routine thing. I felt like complete crap and that was something I was willing to let go in order to take care of Johanna and myself at the same time. I guess in a wild way this prepared us for the weekend we had ahead of us at my Aunt’s house. We were quite literally, ready for whatever!

As all of you may know Johanna has a serious case of FOMO. If she knows there is something going on she will fight her sleep to the death. Even when she knows I'm awake in the next room watching tv, she will literally fight her sleep until I come into her room. This makes for an adventurous day to say the least. Cookie also has a serious case of FOMO which isn’t so bad but sometimes I feel like I have 2 human daughters instead of 1 human baby and 1 fur baby. Since there was a lot of action going on at my Aunt’s, this was the first thing I knew we would just have to let go. You guys know the trouble I’ve had with her sleeping habits so this was a biggie but it worked out better than I thought it would.

Johanna still napped but not during her usual times and not for as long as she typically does. She was very pleasant all in all so that was okay with me. Typically, at home I am able to simply give her a bottle then lay her down and she goes straight to sleep. At my Aunt’s, I had to rock her, play with her ears, rub her back (the newborn habits she used to have). This was all okay, don’t get me wrong! I’ll do whatever she needs whenever she needs, trust me! She was also able to sleep in family members arms during all of the action (my beautiful cousin’s wedding) which was also perfectly fine, as long as she got some sleep somewhere. But boy, are we paying for that now. 

Night sleep also changed for her. I’m assuming since she wasn’t in her crib, in her room, she felt disrupted. All of my cousins, Johanna, Cookie and I piled in the living room and had a fun slumber party! Johanna started out with Grandma and Grandpa, then the pack ‘n’ play and occasionally in the bed with one of us! She had a hard time sleeping through the night but that was okay also. She went right back to sleep after waking up but just wanted to be close to someone.

Now, how do we get back on the routine we once had? I have a slight fear of losing the routine completely and making life much harder for her and I. When I was younger, I had a bedtime and I think this is an important thing for children. Sleep is so essential and while I could let Johanna stay up all night (she totally would if I let her) I feel like maybe this isn’t the best thing for either one of us (not judging if it’s the best thing for your family).

Sunday night was easy after we got home. I knew I was only being tricked because she was so exhausted from the festivities. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, not so much! Monday night she was insanely sassy (not sure if this is a routine disruption or if she’s just changing completely). I knew she was tired but it was really hard getting her in her crib. I ALMOST cracked but I stayed strong and eventually got her to sleep! I had to go back to the rocking, rubbing her back, etc. Which again, is all okay with me because I know it will take a little while to get her back to her habits!

Tuesday night, she woke up at about 1:30am. Since I had to work, I just put her in my bed and co-slept. How do you guys feel about this every once and awhile? When I am off the next day, the extra effort to get her back in her bed is fine with me. However, if I’m working that extra effort just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. This is why I simply go with it and figure it out the next day. Which 95% of the time doesn’t seem to become too much a habit change. She really does like her room and her crib so it’s really not a huge deal.

Wednesday night was hell on wheels!  Again , she was so sassy and whiny. She wanted me to hold her which made cooking dinner so fun! If I put her down she was at my feet. Bedtime was a challenge to say the least. 

The way I see it is that life continues and time doesn’t stop. I still have to get up in the morning for work so trying to incorporate the routine back into what doesn’t stop is just something that takes time and a little bit of extra effort! Also, let it be known that I myself do not have a routine for anything! My work schedule changes, my sleep schedule changes, etc. However, it is important to me that both Johanna and Cookie maintain their routine! I can figure out how to catch up on things later on or when I have extra time (kind of like blogging consistently). But they need someone to give them consistency! So that’s how it works in our household!

I’d love to hear about you and your routines! I’d also love to hear about how you get back on them after some changes or disruptions happen! Any advice will do!

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