Serious Procrastination

Okay, I know I can't be the only one who procrastinates with just about everything in my life?! Before Johanna I never procrastinated with anything. I was a good planner and stuck to my "scheduled" duties. I used to feel so great knowing I got the things I needed to get done early on! Now, I get things done completely last minute and sometimes not even all the way finished but I still feel so accomplished. Johanna is always number one so I feel myself putting things on the back burner thinking I can just get it done in a little bit or even tomorrow. It's a terrible idea to think that but I find myself doing it all the time. Truth be told, I'd rather be playing with Johanna than doing any adulting.

I'll give you a great example..... I was super excited for Halloween this year as I'm sure everyone was! I knew what Johanna and Cookie were going to be in the beginning of September (actually I knew last Halloween what they'd be this Halloween). You'd think I would have gotten their costumes so early but nope... I didn't. I got Johanna's costume the Monday before Halloween and Cookies the Friday after Halloween (huge Mom fail).

Here's why the procrastination got the best of me.... First, I kept thinking that I would have plenty of time. I never want to stop at the store on my way home after work. I just want to get my girl and get home or get to whatever activity we have planned. I kept thinking I could just order the costumes or run into the store and grab it! Huge mistake! Apparently, they don't make Little Bo Peep costumes in baby sizes and they don't sell sheep costumes for dogs in the store.

Johanna's costume was way too big because the only size they had left was 3t - 4t. She's not even in a 2t yet. Soooooo it took me 2 hours the pin the costume so that it would fit her correctly. I felt so rushed and so annoyed at this costume even though it was my fault that this happened! I ordered Cookies costume which was a sheep through amazon. Apparently everyone dressed their dogs as sheep this year because there were a few days where none were left. I had no choice but to order this blanket that I thought I would be able to "fix" into her costume. The blanket was hooded and the hood was a sheep face. If you could see my face right now, you'd be able to tell how much I feel like an idiot for that great Mom move..... The blanket was a horrible idea and DID NOT work! So, I hopped back on Amazon on Tuesday and viola they had her size! Amazon prime 2 day delivery, perfect! Except amazon failed me.... it didn't get delivered until the third day, the day AFTER Halloween. Again, huge Mom fail!!!!

I knew I could still get pictures but boy those pictures were so hard to get. I had taken Johanna in and out of that Little Bo Peep costume at least 10 times and truth be told I was so over it! I didn't even have her staph that was the key element in the Little Bo Peep and her sheep theme. I didn't have it because I procrastinated and left it at my Dad's house. So the pictures you see here were just the best that I could do!

Oh and get this! I had to rush out and buy a costume for a Halloween activity we were doing with our friend and her daughter. The activity was the weekend before Halloween but because I procrastinated on getting the Little Bo Peep costume she ended being a chicken. This wasn't even what I had in mind but it's a good thing she's a cutie because it ended up working out for the better!

So this brings me to other things I procrastinate about and what I'm doing to try and fix this problem because truth be told it gives me the worst anxiety when I have to rush last minute. These things include laundry, paying bills, scheduling appointments (actually doing that right now as I'm writing this blog), things I want to do like going to the pumpkin patch, my fall photos with my girl (seen below), blogging (ugh). My list of things I procrastinate on has grown so much since Johanna was born.

So, here are some things I'm attempting to do to work on not procrastinating so much!

- I keep my written planner with me at all times. It's a huge yearly planner that I literally write my entire life in. I know most people use their phones these days to keep track of their schedule but I have to write it down or I'll forget all about it. I write my work schedule, my bill schedule, my to-do lists (everyday), things Johanna needs, my grocery list, etc. in that planner! I love it because it keeps me on track (for the most part).

-When I think about it, I do it if it can. If I'm at work and I think, "oh shoot, I forgot to that," I try to do it right then. These things are usually things like scheduling appointments or paying bills. If I don't do it when I think about it I'll procrastinate until the very last minute which results in tons of anxiety. If I'm at home and I think about something I need to do, I do it. These are things like laundry, taking dinner out to thaw, heading to the grocery store to get what I know I'll need later on, etc.

-IF and WHEN I do procrastinate, I try not to get too worked up about it. I try to remind myself there is a reason I procrastinated and whatever it is I'm doing is probably not that serious to be freaking out about.... like Johanna's costume. I had to walk away from pinning the costume a few times because I could feel myself rushing and getting so anxious about it. I kept thinking, "we're never going to make it to her daycare trick or treating," and "omg she won't be able to participate in the fun with her friends." Completely dramatic I know but this is what happens to me when I do things at the last second. I have to walk away, do some deep breathing or turn on the best meditation tunes I can find while I'm doing whatever I'm doing.

I would really love to hear what you guys have to say about procrastination. What do you procrastinate at? What do you do to prevent procrastination? Why in the world do we start procrastinating after our babies are born? What do you guys do to control your anxiety when you find yourself procrastinating?

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