sick little baby

We have experienced the first cold and I have to tell you its it's been quite sad to say the least. A few days ago I noticed Johanna's nose running and I thought oh mi big deal it's just a little runny nose. Her personality didn't change a bit so I assumed that she felt okay. Well a few hours later I realized she was burning up. Immediately, I took her temperature which was 100.4. I followed the Mama guidelines that your given during pregnancy (totally joking) and called the doctor. Throughout the night her temperature went up to 101.8 so I took her in the be checked. Of course, it wasn't anything serious which I knew I just felt so horrible for my little girl. The doctor said just try to make her comfortable. She displayed the obvious signs of being sick, not wanting to eat, restless, congestion, fever, runny eyes, runny nose and just looked so incredibly helpless. I set up a vicks vaporizer, you know the one you had as a kid? It brought back memories of when I was sick and got to stay home from school. I remember my Mom setting that up then cleaning the house with pinesol. Its incredible how some of the things I now do with Johanna are the same things my Mom did with me. So many memories and just from one little smell of vicks vapor! I have a feeling these next few days will be rough because I did what any Mama would do. I held her, rocked her and let her sleep with me for 2 days. I already assumed that this would completely crush her routine that we worked so hard at figuring out but it will be worth it. I needed my girl to feel loved and cuddled while she was feeling miserable at the same time. I put all things aside including blogging and I'm currently laying with her while she naps. Fingers crossed it will be a long time before she gets sick again because I can't take those helpless baby eyes. What are some things you Mama's do for your babies when they are sick?

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