tummy bug - 2, Mama and Jo - 0

I’ve waited for these 5 blissful days off of work for awhile now. But let me tell you, it was not how I imagined it to be. I wanted to spend some quality time with my girls. Quality time was exactly what I got but not the way I wanted it. The tummy bug crept up in our household. The last 3 days was full of projectile vomiting, nursing non-stop, cuddling and soothing, baby wearing, time strictly in bed and nothing being done around the house. It also included 1 trip to the emergency room and 1 trip to the pediatrician. After the 3rd time Johanna threw up and I mean THREW UP, I took her to the closest emergency room. Here’s the thing, I feel like when people say they took their child to the ER it seems as if they are being dramatic. But the way I see it is the hospital is less than a mile away from my house, I have medical insurance to flip the bill and they have doctors with medical degrees. It’s available so, I’m going. I originally called Johanna’s pediatrician but they had nothing available. Irritating to say the least because I feel like every pediatrician should squeeze in sick babies but hey that’s just me thinking out loud. The hospital did just fine! After 3 hours in that place, it was determined Johanna just had a tummy bug. I nursed her there twice just to see if she would vomit right after. Of course, she didn’t but that was a good thing in my mind. The inevitable terrifies me. As I’m sure it does for any Mama. The next day it hit me like the plague. I knew it was coming but dang it was rough. I haven’t been sick like that since high school. We spent an entire 24 hours in bed together. It kind of reminded me of her newborn days when we literally did everything in bed. Including diaper changes, feedings, changing clothes, etc. Cookie enjoyed the cuddling in bed just as much! Thank God dog’s can’t catch human viruses. That’s exactly what we did. Why? Because I was just as sick as she was. I think the only time I was up out of the bed was the get to the bathroom! Ugh!!!!!! I felt horrible for my little girl and horrible physically. It was not a good combination. The worst part is that you just have to let these things pass. Luckily, we are at the end of it. The extreme tiredness after being sick. Kind of like needing a vacation after a vacation. Johanna spent the last 2 days extremely cranky and only wanting to be on me at all times. Okay, more like on my boob! Which isn’t such a bad thing because the best thing to do for a sick baby is to nurse them. That I did! Every hour to an hour and a half she was nursing. I had to make sure she stayed hydrated and getting anything else into her little body was impossible. She wanted nothing else and this was okay with me. I didn’t have to do much but whip it out! Being a mother is hard but being a mother to a sick baby is even worse and being sick at the same time is triple times worse. The second visit to her pediatrician was more of a follow-up but also to make sure she hadn’t developed something else like an ear infection, weight loss, etc. We had good news. She had actually gained weight and her ears were clean as a whistle. Yahoo!!!! Points for Mama! Now, these last couple of days she has been so spoiled it’s ridiculous. I’ve barely put her down. I even squeezed in some yoga around her. Literally, around her. She was climbing all over me not wanting to be on the floor without touching me. Flattering yet terrifying! I’m scared for what the next few days will bring. A spoiled cranky baby? Or maybe she’ll revert back to her normal self. The baby that can be put down and be just fine! I sure hope so. It’s interesting how after just a few days bad habits can be created like the snap of a finger. Of course, at the time I could care less. I wanted everything good for Johanna and that meant being on me at all times. Sleeping in my bed and not hers, ugh! Carrying her everywhere I went or putting her in her wrap. Just a few days of those things and it’s like you’re completely starting over again. Last night was rough getting her back into her crib to sleep but tonight went much better. What do you Mama’s do for your babies when they are sick? How do you revert back to a normal routine after breaking every good habit? I’d love to hear it!

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